How to one click install a Windows XP or 7 VM into Robolinux

Step 1:

Simply click on our top left menu icon and go down to "System Tools" then over to "32 & 64 Bit Windows XP & 7 VM Installers" and click on whichever virtual machine Windows version you want to install automatically. In less than 10 seconds your Windows XP or Windows 7 VM will be fully installed and ready for you to load your Microsoft licensed version of Windows into it.

When this VM installer is finished please review our FAQ instructions that show you how easy it is
to load & install your Microsoft Windows licensed disk into your virtual machine.


After you have clicked on the VM Windows version you want to install you will
then see the VM Installer running inside a terminal window.

Step 3:

This is the Robolinux VM installation instructions screen. Please read it
and then press your enter key or click on the "Yes" button on the bottom right.

Step 4:

Please enter your super user password which is your password and press enter or click on "OK"

Step 5:

Please enter the amount of RAM you want your Windows operating system to use.

For example:  If your PC or laptop has 3GB of RAM, then type 2048
in this dialogue box, which will leave 1GB for Robolinux to run in. The default
RAM is 1024.

Hint: Always give Windows the largest amount of RAM you have, but be sure
to provide at least 512MB for Robolinux

In just a few seconds your Robolinux Windows virtual machine will be fully installed and ready to use.

Now you can load your Microsoft Licensed Windows version into the Windows VM.

Please note:Your Windows operating system and software programs are installed exactly the same way
you do it now. So not only is it easy to do, but there is no learning curve whatsoever!

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