How to install Robolinux Cinnamon Raptor

How to install Robolinux Cinnamon
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Robolinux Installation Video (For versions 7 & 8)

Follow these steps to install Robolinux easily & quickly:

Backup all of your important existing data on your Windows machine.
Most PC Users have a backup, make sure you do this before you proceed!

Download the Robolinux32 or Robolinux64 Installer to your Windows PC Desktop.
Note: If you don't know whether your PC or laptop has a 32 or 64 bit processor,
then simply google the make and model number to find out.

Burn the Robolinux.iso you downloaded to a DVD.
Click the DVD  if you need instructions on how to burn an iso image file onto a DVD


Put the Robolinux.iso you downloaded onto a USB Stick.
Click the jet  if you need instructions on how to put an iso image file onto a USB stick

CRITICAL! Be sure you are plugged into the internet with an ethernet cable into your router and not on wifi. Otherwise your installation will fail to use the network mirrors and you will not be able to install any drivers or software.

Now insert your new Robolinux.iso DVD or USB stick into your Windows machine and reboot it.

Please note: You will have to tell your BIOS to boot off either a DVD or USB stick depending on which one you are using to install Robolinux.

Your PC or laptop will load this Robolinux installer boot menu screen below.
The default selection is to run it live off of the DVD or USB stick without installing Robolinux.
Feel free to do that if you like, otherwise click your arrow button down to
Install Robolinux and press return.

Select your language and click on continue.

Select your country and click on continue. Please note that your specific time zone
will be selected later during the installation.

Select your keyboard layout and click on continue.

Type in a host name for your computer or just take the default name and click on continue.

Type your full name and click on continue.

Type in your user name. For example: john
Please note: lower case letters and numbers only.

Type in your password two times. Be certain to remember it or write it down for future reference.
This will also be your super user password for Administrative access.

Select your time zone and click on continue.

Select the default selection which is "Guided -use entire disk". The other options are for advanced users.
If you need help please contact Support.

Most PC's have only one hard drive. If you have more than one, you can install
the grub boot loader on whichever one you want to & click continue.

Select the default "Finish partitioning and write changes to disk" and click continue.

Now Robolinux is installing the entire operating system with all updates and drivers.
This takes from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the speed of your PC.

CRITICAL! If you do not select "Yes" to use the Network mirrors you will not have any
repositories and NONE OF the Robolinux Additional Drivers will INSTALL!

Robolinux is ready to install the grub boot loader. Select "Yes" and click on continue and your new Robolinux operating system will be finished installing and you will be prompted to remove your DVD disk and then your PC will reboot automatically into your new Robolinux operating system.

Congratulations Robolinux Cinnamon is now fully installed! Now you will see the boot loader screen.

At the login screen you will see your name. Enter your password and click on the login button.

Welcome to Robolinux v8 Cinnamon! Enjoy your new virus & malware free life!

If you need help please click on the Contact & Support menu option.

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