Company Information

John Martinson, Founder

John is a self taught computer scientist and has been involved in client server software development since 1984. He designed and built the 100% Debian based Robolinux 3D Gnome operating system in 2012. In 2013 John invented "Stealth VM" software technology. Since 2014 he created the "C: Drive to VM Support Package" for all 500 + Deb & RPM Linux based Operating Systems and also built Robolinux Cinnamon Mate, KDE, Xfce & LXDE versions all based on Debian stable 7 & 8 source code. John started his computer career on an IBM main frame when he was 15 years old.

Johanna Sherrill, CFO
Johanna is a Stanford University graduate and Robolinux minority shareholder. She has over 18 years of project management experience.

The Robolinux non profit Organization is headquarted in Asia with a small Administrative satellite office in Northern California. The Development Team is in Europe and Asia. The Technical Support Staff are located in Asia and the USA. The Robolinux high speed servers are strategically dispersed across three continents in tier one data centers. NOC1 is in Atlanta Georgia USA, NOC2 is in New York USA, NOC3 is in Singapore South East Asia, NOC4 is in Amsterdam Europe, NOC5 is in London UK, NOC6 is in San Francisco USA

PO Box 1895
     Carmel Ca 93921

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