Company Information

John Martinson aka Robo, Founder
John Martinson Jr
While in High School John started his computer career on an IBM main frame at 15 years old. John has a history of inventions. His first patent was issued in 1984 for a Video device called the "Channelizer".

Then John founded several companies involved in developing and publishing client server software. He invented LAN based Group Scheduling in 1988 which he integrated into his eMail Client that won "PC Magazine eMail product of the year" in 1988 & 1989 and also "Best in Class" in Infoworld for two years running as well. He garnered an industry title "The Granddaddy of Groupware" which was published in several Computer industry books. In 1991 he received the "Man of the Year" award from the Local Area Network Association along with Ray Norda the CEO of Novell.

Since 2001 John has built and managed over 1000+ Linux servers as the lead SysAdmin specializing in server security. Between 2011 and 2017 John also personally developed and published over 40 custom 3D Linux Debian operating systems called Robolinux. In 2013 John also invented "Stealth VM" software and "C: Drive to VM" which works on hundreds of Deb & RPM Linux based Operating Systems. In 2015 John invented RoboCyberWall which is in patent pending today.

The Robolinux non profit Organization is headquarted in Asia. The only Developer is John in Asia. All Technical Support is handled by John in Asia. The Robolinux high speed servers are strategically dispersed across two continents in tier one data centers.


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