Robolinux 10 & 11 LTS (2023) Series Versions FAQ Portal

Zero day Grub2 Linux bootloader vulnerability found

click on the news headline above to check your machine using the built in Robo backdoor security app released in Robolinux 11.06 versions on July 24th, 2020, five days before this Zero Day Vulnerability was discovered!

All Series 11 users can upgrade to 11.06 & then 11.07 using the Auto Upgrade Robolinux menu option.
Watch the "How to Auto Upgrade tutorial" below

The Newest Robolinux UNTRACKER Series 11 LTS (5.4 Linux kernel) Versions

Robolinux Cinnamon V11 UNTRACKER Version FAQ's   Robolinux Xfce V11 UNTRACKER Version FAQ's

Robolinux Mate 3D V11 UNTRACKER Version FAQ's

The Robolinux Raptor Series 10 LTS (2023) Versions

Robolinux Cinnamon V10 Raptor Version FAQ's    Robolinux Mate V10 Raptor Version FAQ's

Robolinux Xfce V10 Raptor Version FAQ's

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