John Martinson

A personal message to you from the Founder John Martinson:

First of all, permit me to thank you for your time spent reading about Robolinux and its VM Software for Linux Mint. Indeed time is the most valuable commodity on earth. In fact the primary mission here at Robolinux is to create Linux Software for all Linux Operatings Systems including our own Debian OS release that significantly increases your productivity on a Personal Computer or laptop, which ultimately saves you time.

My vision was to create "An operating system for your world", so I traveled to dozens of countries, even to many in Asia and listened carefully to hundreds of PC and laptop Users on several continents and here is exactly what I learned:

Each user had several things in common. Firstly they all wanted something virus & malware free. Secondly they wanted to run all their Windows programs they currently like and own. Thirdly they did NOT want a learning curve. The fourth request was to increase their productivity to a greater level. i.e. Accomplish more tasks in less time.

In essence they wanted to do things faster and more securely than what they can do today with Microsoft Windows. They also said it had to be FREE so they could install it on any PC or laptop they desired without paying Microsoft hundreds of dollars per machine.

Many people I talked to had tried Linux but said they went back to Windows so they could use their programs that did not work on any linux operating system.

Welcome to Robolinux Stealth VM Software for Linux Mint!

Today my vision is a reality. Now Users all around the earth are downloading the Robolinux Debian OS and our Robolinux Stealth VM Software designed to run on almost all Linux Operating Systems.

In 2013 The Robolinux OS was the first Linux version to include the innovative Robolinux Stealth VM Software that runs Windows XP, 7 & 10 inside Linux virus free.

In closing I thank you for taking advantage of what Robolinux has to offer as it will save you many lost hours every year.


John Martinson

The history of Robolinux

Since 2002 John Martinson aka Robo has been passionately dedicated to providing every PC & laptop User around the World, in many languages with the easiest way to download, install and operate the highest quality, fastest, most secure, virus free robust PC operating system effortlessly and economically. After rescuing hundreds of disgruntled individual Windows users and Companies by installing Redhat, German Suse, & French Mandriva Desktops and servers between 2002 and 2005, Robo gained an arsenal of Linux knowledge & expertise. IToday Robolinux 10 series is a rock solid operating system.

The Robolinux Charity Foundation

The Robolinux foundation pays for and provides poor Cambodian children with Christian School tuition fees, books, uniforms, daily transportation and lunch money. Robolinux is dedicated to a very important mission which is to give poor children in 3rd world countries a chance to have a good education and the ability to read the bible so they can learn about Christianity.

Linus Torvalds the inventor of Linux

Interview in Australia

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