Announcing RoboPhone Series 11
Untrackable Mobile Phone

The RoboPhone is a custom generic quad core ARM phone with very good specs built in Asia. (please see the phone specifications and a photo of the Manufacturers factory below). Each RoboPhone comes with the most current updateable Linux based open source UBports Privacy Mobile OS with a Robo UNTRACKER App you will be able to download on to it! The UBports mobile OS was originally created & funded by Ubuntu with many downloadable free Apps you can install on the phone. The huge advantage to these phones is the built in hardware switch for GPS, Wifi, Camera and microphone, which is how you can stop being tracked by Contact Tracers and Spy agencies such as the NSA, CIA, FBI, MI6, Massad and other highly unscrupulous corporations such as Google and Facebook etc.

In addition the user can quickly and easily replace the Samsung 3000 mAh battery by removing the back of the phone like the good old days.

It also supports fast charging and it even has Wifi hotspot capability.

These phones are sold to companies who want to sell private label mobile phones so they can pre-install their own NON Google & NON Apple operating systems and applications. Then they put their own names on them. Eventually Robolinux will put the "RoboPhone" name plate onto these phones when we can afford to make and ship them to the manufacturer's factory.

Order your untrackable & untraceable RoboPhone today!

RoboPhone Series 11 Version

RoboPhone Series 11 Specifications

The Manufacturing facility where the custom phones are made in Asia

RoboPhones are manufactured in Asia

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