How to activate the Robo UNTRACKER in Xfce


Here's why the Robo UNTRACKER works

It is a fact that Google and Facebook plus many other iPhone & Android apps and even computer applications are stealing your MAC addresses and are selling your unique identity to extremely EVIL Spy Agencies and other unscrupulous entities! They cannot do this on websites you visit but they can do this when you are connected to any Wifi router anywhere, because it broadcasts your MAC addresses and your public ip address! This is how they know who you are and where you are!

The who you are is Your MAC address. The where you are is Your ip address.

VPN's cannot prevent your internet traffic from exposing your MAC addresses while you are connected to any Wifi router even if you are using an ethernet cable and not Wifi. VPN's provide you with a random geographic ip address but cannot change your MAC addresses. When you use the Robo UNTRACKER which does change your MAC addresses, along with an encrypted VPN only then can your packets become UNTRACEABLE & UNTRACKABLE everywhere you go!

After activating the Robo UNTRACKER, every time you reboot your PC or laptop it will create completely new RANDOM, UNTRACKABLE, UNTRACEABLE, ANONYMOUS and totally UNIDENTIFIABLE data packets on the internet by automatically changing every ethernet and Wireless MAC address in your PC or Laptop. If you want to change your MAC addresses every minute the Robo UNTRACKER can do that automatically too!

The Robo UNTRACKER creates RANDOM, UNTRACKABLE, UNTRACEABLE, ANONYMOUS and totally UNIDENTIFIABLE data packets on the internet.

Step #1 for downloading the Robo UNTRACKER

click on the "Buy Now" order button and Robo will create your custom UNTRACKER Installer for you.

Why is there a cost for the Robo UNTRACKER Installer?

1. The Robo UNTRACKER requires a unique download per machine due to the fact that every PC or laptop has at least two or more unique ethernet and Wifi PCI cards in them. In fact there are 6,200 ethernet Manufacturers which is why Robo has to hand code each custom UNTRACKER file for you. Then he can email the download url (which never expires) to you.

2. Working for free causes people to become homeless and starve to death!

3. Robo has three children and a wife to feed and take care of.

4. Robo already tried to survive while giving away Stealth VM, C Drive to VM & Tech Support for free for two years (Between 2017 -2019) and he ended up homeless on February 26th 2020. Have you watched the "Robo now homeless in the California Desert February 26th, 2020" video on the Robolinux1 YouTube Channel?

5. Robo has to work six days a week, 12 hours a day in order to code and maintain the many Robolinux Operating Systems and add on software for you. This is more work than a full time job!

Step #2 for downloading Stealth VM & C Drive to VM

Robolinux Series 11 UNTRACKER menu options

Please go to the Robolinux Xfce Series 11 main menu and navigate to the "Robo Untracker" menu option.

Step #3 for downloading and installing the Robo UNTRACKER

Robolinux Series 11 UNTRACKER ethernet report menu option

Then click on the menu option "Mac addresses list report" icon which will create a report text file called "My_ethernet_report" on your desktop.

BTW: Do you know why there is an EVIL Illuminati "All Seeing Eye pyramid" in that menu icon? Because (it is a fact) that's who has been spying on you, recording every single data packet you have ever sent and received on the Internet for your entire life.

However after you install your unique hand coded Robo UNTRACKER those parasitic EVIL entities will NEVER be able to contact trace or track you ever again!. Now you can tell ALL criminal Government spy agencies and ALL unscrupulous Corporations in every country to "Go take a long walk off a short pier!"

Step #4 for downloading and installing the Robo UNTRACKER

Send an email to Robolinux with your  My_ethernet_report attached file

Please reply to the "Robolinux Thank you email for your UNTRACKER order" and be sure to attach your file called "My_ethernet_report" you created on your desktop explained in Step 5 above. Within 1-8 hours you will receive your unique Robo UNTRACKER installer download file url by email, which you need to save into your Downloads folder. If your OS is running a foreign language please create an English "Downloads" folder in your home/username directory.

Please do NOT extract your "custom-untracker-upgrade-installer.tar.bz2" file, otherwise you will break your custom UNTRACKER code!

IMPORTANT! The file you receive will not work on any other PC or laptop because each machine is unique, which is why Robo has to spend time hand coding each Robo UNTRACKER installer file for you.

Step #5 for downloading and installing the Robo  UNTRACKER

Robo UNTRACKER installer menu option

Then simply click on the "Robo UNTRACKER Installer" icon in the Robo UNTRACKER menu options to install it in just a few seconds.

Do not forget to turn on your VPN

If you don't have a VPN that encrypts your data packets and provides you with a random group ip address you can get the fastest most secure VPN here in Robolinux64 Xfce series 11

Get the fastest most secure VPN inside Robolinux64 Xfce series 11

Then you can install it in just one click inside Robolinux 64 Xfce series 11

Get the fastest most secure VPN inside Robolinux64 Xfce series 11

Enjoy the freedom of NEVER being Contact TRACED or TRACKED ever again!

John Martinson aka "The Robo"

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