How to install Robolinux Mate 3D UNTRACKER Series 11

Announcing The Robolinux Series 11 UNTRACKERS!

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How to install Robolinux Mate 3D

Follow these instructions to install Robolinux easily & quickly:

Backup all of your important existing data on your machine.
Most PC Users have a backup, make sure you do this before you proceed!

Download the Robolinux64 iso file to your PC or laptop. WARNING: There are no 32 bit Series 11 Versions
Note: If you don't know whether your PC or laptop has a 32 or 64 bit processor,
then simply google the make and model number to find out.

Burn the Robolinux.iso you downloaded to a DVD.
Click the DVD  if you need instructions on how to burn an iso image file onto a DVD


Put the Robolinux.iso you downloaded onto a USB Stick.
Click the jet  if you need instructions on how to put an iso image file onto a USB stick

In almost all cases Robolinux will find your Wifi driver so you can install it using Wifi. If not then be sure you are plugged into the internet with an ethernet cable on your router. Otherwise your installation will fail to use the network mirrors and you will not be able to install any drivers or software.

PLEASE READ THIS WARNING: All Robolinux series 11 versions DO NOT SUPPORT UEFI because it causes nothing but problems such as booting into a black screen with no Grub boot loader.

So you must turn off Secure Boot in your BIOS and set your BIOS to boot off of either a NON UEFI DVD or a NON UEFI USB depending on which one you are using to install Robolinux. Once you have done this, then you can insert your Robolinux64-mate3d-v11.iso DVD or USB stick into your PC or laptop and reboot it.

When you boot off of a NON UEFI DVD your PC or laptop will automatically load this blue graphical Robolinux installer boot menu screen below.

DVD WARNING!: If you see any other screen when you boot up the Robolinux iso using a DVD that means your install will fail and it will NOT boot from Grub!

When YOU BOOT UP USING A USB STICK you should see the screen below. Please select the first option at the top of the screen which says: "Start Robolinux_11" and then press the return key. If you have turned off Secure boot in your BIOS and have booted off of a NON UEFI USB boot option then your installation will succeed.

When you have booted up into the Robolinux64 live Mate 3D version you will see this screen and then you can install Robolinux by double clicking on the "Install Robolinux_11" installer icon at the top left of the screen.

Select your language and click on continue.

Select your keyboard layout and click on the continue button

Please note that it is not necessary to select "Install 3rd-party software" as the Robolinux OS already has them in the iso file.

Select your installation type and click on Install Now.

Click on continue.

Select your time zone by clicking on the country and city and press the continue button.

Enter your pertinent information and your password. When you are finished click on Continue.
Be certain to remember or write down your password for future reference.
This will also be your super user password "sudo" for Administrative access.

Robolinux is now installing. This process is quite fast. Normally just a few minutes.

Congratulations! Robolinux is now fully installed. It is time to restart your computer.

Please remove your DVD or USB stick and press enter.

Here is the Robolinux Grub boot screen for a non UEFI system or with multiple partitions on the hard disk.

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Feel free to change your Grub boot splash screen as you wish.
Use CLI or install the GUI app called "Grub Customizer".

Here is the Robolinux User Login screen. What you will see is YHWH's (That's our Father in Heaven's real name) original Otiot language on the top right side of the Robolinux Series 11 Mate 3D login screen that has been translated into English. By the way the name Yashua is Jesus' real name. There is no "J" in the Ancient Aramaic language. For those who are interested in the the truth feel free to contact Robo anytime and ask him for his greatest treasure which is an Otiot language pdf file. Robo will email you his greatest treasure for free anytime. If you want to change this login screen then simply use the "Login Window" found at the very bottom of the Settings options in the Mate 3D control center.

Welcome to Robolinux Mate 3D Series 11! Enjoy the freedom of NEVER being TRACKED again in your life!

If you need help please click on the Contact & Support menu option.

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