How to load the Robolinux Installer on a USB device in Windows XP, 7 or 10

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Please note: These instructions work for Windows XP, 7 & 10.

Be sure to save it to a folder you can find.

Unetbootin Instructions

Be sure to save it to a folder you can find.

Step 1

Format your USB stick by inserting it into your PC or laptop. Then right click on it and select format.

Be sure to select type "FAT32"

Step 2

Load Unetbootin in Windows XP or Windows 7 by clicking on the exe file you downloaded in Windows.

Step 3

Warning: You cannot create a 64 bit Robolinux USB Stick Installer on a 32 bit version of Windows!

At the top of the Unetbootin screen Select Debian as your "Distribution" then on the 2nd drop down
box to the right select "Stable_HDMedia" for the 32 bit version of Robolinux or select"Stable_HDMedia_x64"
for the 64 bit version of Robolinux.

At the bottom drop down option box called Drive: select your USB stick.

On the option "Diskimage" click on the button to the far right that lets you browse to the
location of your robolinuxv7.iso file.

Note that a dialogue box comes up. You need to navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the robolinuxV7.iso file to and click on it.

Now simply click on the "OK" button on the bottom right to create your Robolinux USB stick installer. It takes several minutes for this to complete. Please be patient.

You should now see this Unetbootin screen. In a few minutes it will be finished.

Please note: You will need to boot up into your BIOS on your PC or laptop when you turn it on. Then tell the boot menu to boot off of your USB stick and not the hard drive. Please consult your PC or laptop Manufacturers manual for that process.

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